Pallet Delivery

Abbey Pallets are the leaders in manufacturing new pallets for a wide variety of applications but we also understand the importance of sustainability in our industry.

That is why we have a very active recycling and reconditioning service as a core part of our business. As one of the biggest pallet suppliers in Sydney, we have a large, well-equipped on site facility at our premises in Wetherill Park that enables us to undertake all our pallet repair work.

We grade each used pallet individually and each one that cannot be salvaged to be returned back into service will be scrapped and recycled for other uses. Our commitment is to lessen the impact of discarded pallets on the environment and to save them from ending up in a landfill.

Fast pallet removal

At Abby Pallets, we are able remove most types of pallets including standard lightweight & heavyweight pallets, plastic pallets as well Euro pallets from your premises. We can also collect custom pallets from you if there is a need for them in our inventory.

Since we are centrally located in Wetherill Park, this makes our pallet removal services quick and easy. We are able to arrive at your location in almost all Sydney suburbs promptly.

Similarly, our strategic location coupled with a large amount of on hand inventory at any one time allows us to offer a rapid next day pallet delivery service.

Whether you are seeking a long term partnership for pallet removal or just have a single load of pallets to dispose of, Abbey Pallets has the right solution for you. Contact us today and experience the difference of working with the most reputable pallet collection service in Sydney.