Why Do We Use Wooden/Timber or Metal Pallets?

During shipment, containers have to be lifted by cranes onto shipping decks, ship cargo holds, trucks and many other places using cranes. Direct interaction of the crane and the environment with your container jeopardizes the integrity of the container and its contents. To avoid this, many shipment companies use pallets to support the containers they are transporting. Since a pallet is a structural foundation that provides a uniform and strong handling base for containers, most haulers will use pallets to increase storage efficiency.

The choice of a pallet will depend on the strength and versatility you expect from it. Even though most pallets are made of wood, there are others that are made of plastic metal and paper. Each pallet material has its own strengths and weaknesses that you should learn to leverage in order to purchase the right pallets for your containers.

Benefits of Wood/Timber Pallets

Wooden pallets are the world’s most favorite courtesy of their cheap price and simplicity. Since wooden pallets are rarely fashioned with looks in mind, it will not cost you a fortune to have your pallet converted from one size or shape to another. They are the exact solution for eco-friendly customers since they not only can be easily transformed from one form to another but can also be fashioned out of waste timber, provided it is strong enough.

However, this does not mean that you can easily dismantle your own pallets. Since they are fashioned with strength and versatility in mind, pallets need skill and experience to dismantle and refashion. This is so especially if you intent to recycle the pallet’s timber. The need for professionals to do the job increases exponentially in pallets that use treated timber due to the need for protective gear and proper disposal of any wastes whatsoever.

Benefits of Metal Pallets

Metal pallets on the other hand offer strength and versatility in comparison to those made from wood. These pallets will be more common with firms that deal with real heavy freight and are concerned with the pallets ability to withstand the weight of their cargo. The only thing you have to worry about when picking your metal pallet is its protection from rusting and the actual weight it can take. In addition to this, you have to consider how easy it will be to get it repaired in case it gets spoilt while in use.

Most recent materials that are used in making pallets include paper and composite plastic. Modern chemistry and technological advancement allows for the creation of sturdy plastics that can even perform better than wood. The only problem with plastic pallets is that refashioning them might be tedious or even impossible unless you get the entire pallet recycled into another form.

Finding the Right Supplier

Clearly, choosing the right pallet in itself is not enough. You have to get the pallet from a pallet vendor who also has the skills in repairing what you already have or remodeling it into new shapes and sizes. Though pallets might be relatively cheap per unit, most firms will need several of these to function optimally. To maintain the number whilst saving on funds, you have to get a provider who is keen on quality and will not let you make new procurements if you can save on what you already have.

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