Pallet IdentificationPallets are an ubiquitous fixture in the logistics and warehousing industry and it’s hard to imagine businesses being able to function without this humble platform for displaying, storing and transporting goods.

However with literally millions upon millions of pallets in circulation, it becomes a problem for owners to keep track of their pallets, especially when they are shipped around the world. It’s easy for pallets to slip through the cracks and missing pallets can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At Abbey Pallets, we understand the importance of making your pallets easily identifiable in a sea of generic wooden pallets. This is why we offer a highly beneficial pallet identification service, which includes painting, stencilling and labelling.

Apart from making your pallets more identifiable and therefore easily traced for reclamation from your customers once they are empty, pallet identification also enhances the look of your products and will help them stand out from the crowd.

Pallet identification such as stencilling the logo of your company also improves their security as they can help prevent any misappropriation.

Quality Pallet Identification

When it comes to pallet identification in Sydney, we are the undisputed leaders as we use only top grade non-transferable dyes that will not stain your goods or run even in damp or humid conditions.

The dye that we use for our Sydney pallets is also non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about potentially harmful substances leaching into your goods that may in turn create an unwanted hazardous situation.

You can choose to have your pallets painted in any colour you wish such as your company’s corporate colours or other distinct/standout colours for easy pallet identification

Our well-experienced team of tradespeople can also stencil your company name or brand your pallets on each side so that the chances of them being returned to you are higher. A little can go a long way in reducing the costs of missing pallets.

At Abbey Pallets, any pallets can be painted whether they are new or reconditioned. We are known for delivering solid solutions for tough conditions and pallet identification in Sydney is just one of the excellent services we offer. Contact us today to find out more.