Due to the robust nature of logistics and warehousing activities, pallets are invariably exposed to rough handling and other stresses that will cause them to suffer cracks, splinters or breakages.

In fact, a large number of the pallets in Sydney that we come across are broken and that is why we offer a pallet repairs service to prolong the life of these important storage equipment.

Pallet repair

At Abbey Pallets, we repair a wide variety damaged wooden pallets. Our professional team of tradespeople will ensure that each pallet is given the proper attention needed to bring them back to the standards required for operation.

Our trained team of pallet repairmen have all the tools required at their disposal, including nail guns, saws, recycled scrap boards and blocks in order to complete the pallet repairs in a prompt and efficient manner.

Pallet purchase program

At Abbey Pallets, we exchange damaged pallets with reconditioned pallets at very economic rates.

We have a used pallet purchase program where we will buy broken pallets. We will then repair and recycle them in order to do our part towards a future that is sustainable. We understand that time is important to our clients and that is why we have a delivery and/or pick up service for pallet repairs in Sydney.