A good transport and logistics system is very important for a business to survive in this competitive world. One of the most commonly-used means of transport and storage is a pallet. Pallets are wooden or plastic structures that help support goods during transport. Also known as a skid, pallets come in different shapes and sizes depending on the nature and type of goods being transported.

At Abbey Pallets, we are the leaders in the supply, manufacture and repair of pallets in Parramatta. Our pallets combine logistic efficiency and compatibility and are widely used by businesses all over Parramatta.

We offer the following types for our customers in Parramatta:

  • New Pallets
  • Used Pallets
  • Recycled Pallets
  • Export Pallets
  • Pallet Rack
  • Euro Pallets

Our recycled pallets are refurbished to suit our customers’ requirements. Customers can choose from our lightweight 1 tonne pallet or go for our 2 tonne standard pallet as their ideal logistics solution.

We also supply our customers with a pallet rack that helps in the storage of materials in a horizontal line. Our pallet rack increases storage density, and is therefore the most cost effective method of storage available in the market.

At Abbey Pallets, we have been the leading supplier of used pallets, recycled pallets and new pallets in Parramatta for over 15 years. Our market-oriented approach towards business logistics ensures that our customers get their ordered or custom made pallet delivered to their destination within a day.

Our expert sales representatives are always on hand to answer any of your queries and are experienced in providing only the most effective and durable of pallet solutions.

We also offer our customers an option to stencil their brand onto their chosen pallet for greater visibility and branding. Contact us today and allow us to provide you with pallet options that are most suited to your business needs.