Sometimes the lack of space is a big problem for warehousing companies who have excess inventory to move out on a regular basis. The shortage or damage of pallets and pallet racking in Penrith can pose a large hurdle in their services. Abbey Pallets has 15 years of experience in repairing damaged pallets, as well as providing new and used pallets to our clients. We understand the pressure behind meeting a deadline and strive to provide everything our clients require to help them reach those deadlines throughout Penrith.

Our new pallets are of a standard capacity of 1 and 2 tonne. Our manufacturing consultants will help you in getting the pallet that suits your needs in Penrith. We can custom design pallets, for easy identification. This is done by stenciling the customer’s or company’s name on each side of the pallet. Painting services can also be included in our pallet manufacturing process.

We are suppliers of recycled pallets as well; we can help you repair your damaged pallets and replace them with recycled or reconditioned pallets at affordable rates. We offer our wide variety of recycled pallets. Our trained team of experts inspect the used pallets before granting them to be reused by industries in Penrith. We can supply standard 1165mm used pallets rated in both 1 and 2 tonne capacities. We also specialize in new and used Export Pallets, Euro Pallets, Skid Style Pallets, and incredibly versatile Plastic Pallets.

All of our Export Pallets are treated to international standard ISPM 15, to comply with the export requirements; we can supply certificates of compliance in the exporter’s name. These pallets are four entry pallets, which are specially made for loading export containers. Our plastic pallets are also built to import standards, requiring no further treatment or certification on the exporter’s behalf.

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