Pallets are inarguably critical to the moving and placing of bulk items. They can be built using a variety of materials from different types of wood, to plastics, to metals.

Standard Pallets – whether they are new, used, or recycled pallets – have the a capacity of 1 to 2 tonnes. Abbey Pallets are adept at providing new and used pallets alike for clients throughout St Marys.

Abbey Pallets could be considered the market leaders when it comes to providing pallets in St Marys for they are known to be manufactured using material of the highest quality and ensure customer satisfaction at any point of time. The pallets are durable, making it the perfect fit for transportation and supporting weights in some very diverse environments.

With the huge amount of pallets churned through commercial establishments, there are often many pallets that become broken and are discarded due to their disrepair. In a bid to do our part for the environment, Abbey Pallets collect some pallets in disrepair and repair them to their former glory. We can then resupply these repaired pallets to industries throughout St Marys.

Our used pallets are every bit as strong as our new pallets, and we ensure every pallet is inspected and tested prior to delivery. All used pallets that we supply for export purposes comply with ISPM 15 and certificates can be provided in the exporter’s name.

Abbey Pallets are the best in St Marys for new, used, and recycled pallets. Contact us on 02 9725 1919 and pack away your storage concerns.