Used Pallets
Second hand Pallets

In an increasingly competitive business world where rising costs and shrinking budgets rule the day, companies are continually looking at ways to lower their logistics and warehousing overheads.

One of the most popular ways that companies are saving on costs is by opting for second hand pallets.

At Abby Pallets, we have been offering used pallets in Sydney for many years and we have built a proud reputation of delivering only the highest grade second hand pallets that perform just as good as a new one.

Second hand pallets for sale

We actively buy second hand pallets in Sydney and restore them to solid working condition that is just like brand new. In fact, our second hand pallets are among the most popular offerings we have as they represent fantastic value for money.

We have a large variety of second hand pallets for sale and they are available in different shapes, sizes and grades. Our selection of used pallets in Sydney include the lightweight 1 tonne & heavyweight 2 tonne Australian standard types, euro pallets, export pallets, plastic pallets as well as some custom made pallets.
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