Pallets have become an indispensable part of the logistics and distribution business and they are widely used by all warehousing companies to store their merchandise in a safe and space-efficient manner.

Pallets can be built using a variety of materials from wood to plastics and metals but whatever the case may be, they must be built to standards that will give them the ability to withstand heavy loads.

At Abbey Pallets, we are the specialists for all your pallet rack needs in Wetherill Park. We are adept at providing a range of pallets in Wetherill Park that are made according to industry standards and from the highest quality materials.

Our range of pallets in Wetherill Park is hard and durable, making them the perfect option for the safe storage of merchandise as well as transportation across diverse environments. You will not find pallets in Wetherill Park that are more robust than what Abbey Pallets can offer.

Apart from new pallets, we are also the market leaders when it comes to providing used pallets in Wetherill Park. Our used pallets undergo stringent visual examination as well as load testing to ensure that they meet the correct quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction always.

In a bid to do our part for the environment and cut down on wastage, Abbey Pallets also offers recycled pallets in Wetherill Park. Similar to used pallets, our recycled pallets in Wetherill Park undergo strict tests to ensure that that they perform according to the high standards that we set for ourselves.

For instance, all used pallets and recycled pallets that we supply for export purposes are tested to make sure they comply with the ISPM 15 standard. We also supply certificates in the exporter’s name for your convenience.

Contact Abbey Pallets on 02 9725 1919 for all your pallet needs in Wetherill Park and you won’t be let down with what we have to offer.